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Universal Grammar

Language Development

The Universal Grammar theory is thought to be shared by all languages and an innate aspect to humans.  It is a theory that claims all children are born with an innate knowledge of the basic grammatical structures common to all human languages.


Universal Grammar proposes a set of rules that would explain how children acquire their language(s), or how they construct valid sentences of their language.

  • Universal grammar is also known as a system that would explain conclusively the way all languages are organized and function.  
  • The Nativist perception within Universal Grammar is that children acquire an adult language, and that they try out a variety of options that stay within its boundaries. Noam Chomsky is a firm believer to this statement as throughout his studies, he found that all languages had a basic set of rules, otherwise known as a common structural basis.
  • The Universal Grammar theory clearly states that it is innate to only the human species as Cross Species Research has been done, and it is quite apparent that the Universal Grammar theory only applies to those of the human nature.