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Jerome Burner

Language Development


  • Jerome Burner was born in New York City on October 1, 1915.
  • He was very influential to the non-nativist theory and is associated with the interactionist view of language development, which recognizes that humans are biologically prepared to learn language at birth.


Jerome Burner

  • Jerome Burner created a collection of ways for a young child’s caregivers to promote language learning through interaction, presenting objects and explaining playing games.
  • This also includes infant directed speech, which is when a caregiver simplifies her grammar and changes her syntax and pitch while talking to a young child.
  • This collection is referred to as LASS (Language Acquisition Support System).
  • This system is similar to the LAD proposed by Noam Chomsky but it represents the Non-Nativist Theory where LAD represents the Nativist Theory.